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Sales terms are cash upon delivery unless or until your credit terms have been approved. Credit terms will be only for the named applicant only. Two party checks will not be accepted as payment. In the event that a check is return for insufficient funds, the customer will be charged a $50.00 returned check fee. All balances, including the return check fee will be due and payable within 24 hours of notification from puerto plata seafoods. Customer agrees that in the event its account is put into collections they shall pay a 2% finance charge for every invoice past due. Personal guaranty: the undersigned agree to abide by the credit terms and limits established by Puerto Plata seafood. Any party whose name and signature appears on this application can and will be responsible for all outstanding amounts pertaining to the account regardless of dissolution, and or insolvency of the corporation or partnership. As additional inducement for the parties to enter into agreement, the undersigned (you) unconditionally jointly and severally personally guarantees that the above-named customer /business will make all payments and meet all obligations required under this agreement and any supplements fully and promptly. If necessary, Puerto Plata seafood will enforce this personal guarantee legally, you expressly consent to the jurisdiction of the New York city courts, set out herein and agree to pay all cost, including attorney fees incurred in enforcement of this personal guaranty. .